International Slope Stability 2024 - Symposium

Registration Fees

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Category Early Bird
(on or before December 01, 2023) 
Until March 04, 2024 After March 04, 2024
Full Symposium Package
Mining Industry Professionals, Academics, Consultants $ 550,00
R$ 2.781,30 
$ 850,00
 R$ 4.209,97 
$ 1.000,00
 R$ 4.995,60
Students (Brazilian Law - must provide evidence) * $ 275,00
R$ 1.357,10 
$ 425,00
R$ 2.104,98 
$ 500,00
 R$ 2.497,80 
ABMS Professional / Student Members ** $ 225,00
R$ 1.110,35 
$ 400,00
R$ 1.981,16 
$ 450,00
 R$ 2.248,02
ABEF, ABEG, ABGE, IGS (Profissional/Estudante)** $ 350,00
R$ 1.727,22 
$ 600,00
R$ 2.971,74 
$ 800,00
 R$ 3.996,48
One-Day Package
Single Day Pass (for all categories) $ 275,00
 R$ 1.357,10 
$ 425,00
 R$ 2.104,98 
$ 500,00
 R$ 2.497,8 

Registrations will be determined by the PTAX quotation of BACEN on the 30th of the previous month, being updated monthly. The dollar value is a reference and the current exchange rate is  R$ 4,9956.

*Undergraduate students must attach proof of connection with the educational institution to their form, at the time of registration or later, in the participant area.

**The member must prove their connection with ABMS, ABEF, ABEG, ABGE, IGS by attaching proof of payment of the annual fee, 2023 card or declaration from the institution.

Important notes:

  • Spaces for the event are limited to the venue's capacity, so register in advance.
  • We have opened up the last few places to register for all the days of the event, only with payment by credit card or pix.
  • Registration in Single Day Pass participation mode (Participation in only one day at the event) are still possible, with a limited amount of vacancies.
  • Registration to Workshops and Technical Visits are open to those who have payed for their registration at the event.
  • Included in participant registration is: participation in all congress activities, lunch, coffe-break, participant kit and digital certificate  (except short workshops and Technical visits).
  • The participant's kit is not included in the "Single Day Pass" entry.
  • The cost of the Workshop and Technical visits are separate.
  • The certificate will be made available on the event's official website, in the participant's area, within 15 working days after the end of the event and must be collected within six months after the event.
  • In case of withdrawal, the participant must send correspondence by email to
    • For requests sent before February 01, 2024, 50% of the amount paid for registration at the congress will be refunded.
    • After February 01, 2024, there will be no refund of amounts paid.
    • All returns will be made 15 working days after the end of the congress.
  • Payement Requests by Purchase Order or that require any corporate subscription of ABMS as supplier muns be done by March 29th.
    • It is important to emphasize that ABMS is not a company, but a non-porfit organization.

Payment methods:

Bill or credit card: at the end of your registration, proceed with your payment, choosing on the following screens bill or credit card. If you select the bank draft option, click on the link to generate it. If you do not pay the bank draft within the deadline, you will need to access the “Participant Area” to issue it with a new date. Pay attention to filling in the data to be able to generate and issue the invoice correctly.

Note: the bank draft payment option is for Brazilians only.

If you are not yet an ABMS member, click here ( and find out more.

Remembering that members receive a discount when registering for the event.