International Slope Stability 2024 - Symposium


The Organizing Committee invites Abstracts proposals for consideration. It is envisioned that contributions will come from across the spectrum of the mining industry, academia, consultants, and others. 

Important Dates:

The following dates will help you take your accepted abstract through to final paper stage.      

Task Due Date
Abstract submission Passed
Abstract acceptance August,4  2023
Draft paper submission * October, 13, 2023
Reviewer feedback January, 18, 2024
Final paper submission    February, 12, 2024
PowerPoint presentation  March,12, 2024

* deadline for submitting full papers


Call for Abstracts for Slope Stability 2024

The Organizing Committee invites Abstracts proposals for consideration. The conference program will be framed around the following themes:

  • Climate change in mining.
  • Numerical modeling and three-dimensional analysis.
  • Slope design optization and design acceptance critera.
  • Structural data gathering and interpretation.
  • Slope monitoring, instrumentation, and risk management.
  • Slope stability in weak rocks.
  • Case studies.
  • Rockfall, Runout and Geohazards.
  • Hydrogeology.
  • Blasting.
  • Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and new technologies implementation.
  • Transition from open pit to underground.
  • Rock mass characterization and data uncertainty.
  • Civil works and mine infrastructure support and reinforcement.
  • Mine Closure.
  • Risk, communication and decision making.
  • Geo-Education and Training.

Authors, please note the following:

  1. The call for abstracts is the first step in the technical paper submission process.
  2. Abstracts may be submitted in English only.
  3. If an abstract is accepted, authors will then need to submit a draft and final paper.
  4. A final paper submission has to be approved by the Organizing Committee to be included in the conference Proceedings.
  5. Authors will be expected to give an in-person PowerPoint presentation or a Poster presentation at the conference.
  6. At this time, there is potential for both podium and poster presentation formats and prospective authors are asked to note which they would prefer and whether either format would be acceptable.


Abstracts should be submitted using the style template below, ensuring the following elements are included:

  • Title (no more than 100 characters).
  • Authors (name, affiliation, and country).
  • Abstract (300-500 words; provided in the format requested).
  • Brief biography of the lead author.
  • Author contacts details.
  • Indication of format preference.



Click here and download the complete article template.

See below for a step-by-step guide to submitting a full article.