International Slope Stability 2024 - Symposium





Dr.  Derek Martin PGeol, PEng (AB) 

Emeritus Professor, University of Alberta

Dr. Martin started his career in 1972 and has over 45 years of experience in geotechnical engineering associated with dams, slopes and tunnels.  He holds a BSc in geology (1972, Memorial University), and a Masters of Engineering (1983, University of Alberta) and a PhD (1993, University of Manitoba) in Geotechnical Engineering.  His early years were spent on construction sites for major Canadian hydroelectric projects. In 1987 he joined Atomic Energy Canada Limited, where he directed the geomechanics research at the Underground Research Laboratory in southeastern Manitoba.  From 2000 to 2022 Dr. Martin was Professor in Geotechnical Engineering at the University of Alberta where he held an NSERC Industrial Research Chair.  

Between 2005-2007 Dr. Martin served as Vice-President Technical for the Canadian Geotechnical Society and from 2007-2011 he served as ISRM Vice-President for North America.  Since 2012 he has been active with the Large Open Pit project and co-edited with Peter Stacey the Guidelines for Open Pit Slope Design in Weak Rocks.  He has authored over 300 technical papers on geotechnical engineering, received the ISRM Rocha Medal, CGS Franklin Award, Thomas Roy Award, Geotechnical Colloquium, R.M. Hardy Address; AEG Publication Award, FEC John B. Stirling Medal and is a Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada and of the Canadian Academy of Engineering.  He is also the 9th (2023) recipient of the ISRM Müller Award.  This award is made once every four years at the ISRM Congress, in recognition of distinguished contributions to the profession of rock mechanics and rock engineering. 

Dr. Martin has worked in over 10 countries providing independent geotechnical review on major civil and mining proje